WARNING: Scam Alert

  • April 12, 2024
  • Web Admin
  • 2 min read


Big Ideas Social Media Inc is issuing an official scam warning to the public.

Please be aware that we have received reports of people claiming to be our employees who will contact you via Whatsapp, Viber or text messages. They will show our website and address and ask you to do odd jobs such as liking posts, etc.

These fraudsters will steal your vital information and maybe ask you for money. We have already reported this incident to the NBI.

Please be informed THAT WE DO NOT OFFER THOSE KINDS OF JOBS. Please DO NOT entertain those messages and block and report them to Whatsapp, Viber or on any messaging app that you encounter them.

Big Ideas Social Media Inc. officially will  NEVER contact applicants or random people and offer jobs via messages or text. We contact them formally through our official email address ending at @bigideasph.com. And all our official job vacancies are posted at our website: https://bigideasph.com/jobs/.


  1. DO NOT ENTERTAIN OR REPLY to any sort of message of anyone pretending to be connected to our company.
  2. BLOCK and then REPORT AS SPAM on your phone, whatsapp, viber or any other messaging app.
  3. You can also lodge reports to the NBI Anti-Fraud Division at (02) 8525-4093 or e-mail at af**@nb*.ph. You may also send a message through the NBI’s website at www.nbi.gov.ph or their official Facebook account. You may also report these incidents to the PNP Anti-Crime Group (PNP-ACG) through www.pnpacg.ph or hotline number at (02) 8723-0401 local 5313.
  4. You can also SHARE THIS POST at your social media pages so that more people will know. Thank you.
Thank you and please be wary and be guided accordingly.