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  • February 5, 2024
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We are looking to hire a full-time Accountant to assist and service our client, a fast-growing Training and Consulting company based in Makati, Philippines.

Our ideal candidate is someone who has experience with with an SME and similar industry and is able to do the various accounting tasks of the entire business. We also prefer someone who is based on or near Makati for the occasional visits to the office.

This is a contractual, full-time, mid-level position and can be done completely from home with a fast Internet connection and the proper equipment and gear

The successful candidate will be directly hired by our client.


  • Bachelor degree of Accounting, Finance or similar course.
  • At least 2-4 years of proven experience as an accountant preferably for an SME or business in a similar industry (Consulting Service).
  • Residing in Metro Manila. Preferably near Makati
  • Excellent accounting and advanced Excel skills
  • Strong organizational and prioritization skills; exceptional attention to detail
  • Experience with office administration and organization.
  • Can work with minimum supervision.
  • Has experience working from home.
  • Has a quiet and distraction-free workplace at home.
  • Has fast and reliable Internet connection.
  • Laptop or Desktop will be provided by the Client-Employer.


  • Responsible for overall Financial Management of NSTC and UNPC (company names) to achieve yearly goals
    • Finance Officer reports directly to the General Manager
    • Review, Implement and Improve Financial Policies
    • Management of office documents (finance and admin related documents)
  • Monitor and maintain Overall Cash Flow of NSTC and UNPC
    • Report monthly Cash Flow, P&L, OPEX to Managing Partner/s (monthly meeting)
    • Monitor Financial Projections (Constant updates based on changes)
    • Check and Balance
      • Monitor Bank Accounts and Investments (BDO and Landbank)
      • Reconcile Disbursements (Deposit Slips, etc)
      • Reconcile Receivables, Payments (Official Receipts with Deposit Slips)
  • Prepare Payables for payouts every 15th and 30th of each month
  • Reconcile Financial Projections and observers file to ensure accuracy of payouts
  • Review accompanying documents to Accounts Payable Vouchers
    • Ensure that all payables have been approved by the Managing Partner/s
  • Ensure accurate and on-time payouts every 15th and 30th of each month
  • Prepare taxes for payment (EWT, W/Tax, VAT, BIR 2307 for Consultants, etc)
  • Monitor if Purchase Order has been received from Client (as applicable)
  • Follow up with Account Managers for PO concerns (as applicable)
  • Ensure that the Purchase Order is accurate (as applicable)
  • Review Financial Projections vis-a-vis Contracts, Google Docs
  • Ensure that clients are billed accurately and on-time
  • Monitoring of uncollected invoices
  • Following up with clients on receivables
  • Following up with Sales Manager on any delays or complications
  • Ensure that receivables are collected accurately and on-time
  • OR preparation

Process all government forms of NSTC and UNPC

  • Ensure that all government forms and permits are accurate and up-to-date
  • Prepare all documents or government forms
  • Process government contributions for employees

Client and Vendor Liaison of NSTC and UNPC

  • Prepare Accreditation documents and submit online if applicable.
  • Review Non-Disclosure Agreements and work with our lawyers (as needed)
  • Act as the main point-of-contact for all bank-related concerns
  • Act as the main point-of-contact for other vendors (as necessary)

Program Responsibilities for NSTC and UNPC

  • Ensure that Program Budgets are approved by Account Manager/s before the funds are disbursed
  • Review Expense Reports upon submission by Logistics Managers
  • Review and Sign Purchase Orders
  • Ensure that the file has saved the FINAL versions of:
    • Contract/Proposal
    • Financial Projection
    • Packing List
    • Purchase Order
    • Expense Report

Monitor of Overall Program Calendar of NSTC and UNPC

  • Monitoring Google Docs Internal and Observers
  • Update the Google Docs
  • Update and Report Conducted, Forecasted Sales & other slide to Managing Partners (AM Deliverables every Friday & Monthly meeting) 
  • Perform other finance and accounting-related duties that may be assigned from time to time


  • Work from home. FULL-TIME freelance, contractual position
  • Guaranteed 8 hours a day shift. 5 days a week.
  • Working Schedule 9AM to 6PM PH (Manila time)


  • Php 30,000 per month 
  • Client will directly hire employee and will have a contract
  • All details will be tackled during the job offer and employee contract
  • Big Ideas acts as a hiring and placement agency only


  • (IMPORTANT) We will only process applicants who take our pre-employment skills and personality test
  • Please click this to take the pre-employment test: CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE TEST
  • You will be asked to upload your resume there (Please do so in PDF format and use your full name as the file name)
  • Use a laptop or a desktop computer for the test. It cannot be done with your mobile phone.
  • Make sure to place your full name and correct e-mail address so we may contact you
  • It will take 3-5 working days to process your reports and you will receive them via e-mail
  • Due to the volume of applicants, we will prioritize to inform those who have passed. Rest assured that if you do, and if you qualify for the vacancy, you will be contacted.
  • If you encounter any technical problems or glitches, please send a report via email to Criteria Customer Support
  • Good luck!