Ilaw ng Tahanan: Local Moms Team Up To Brighten The Light

  • May 20, 2020
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ILAW NG TAHANAN: Local moms team up to brighten the light


(MANILA, Philippines 20 May 2020) – Local moms and a panel of experts, organized a free Facebook live webinar to share their thoughts and to help fellow mothers cope with the stress, anxiety and problems facing the household in these troubled times.

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Dubbed “Ilaw ng Tahanan: Keep Your Light Shining Amid The Pandemic”, the webinar was led by Louise F. Santos, our main speaker, a digital influencer, celebrity mom and owner of The webinar was moderated by Jolina Kahn, co-founder of Kahndo Solutions and were joined by a panel of experts: Tina Jurado, a registered nurse and admin of Mommy Talk PH; teacher Nicole Inocencio of the Parenting Collective; Dr. Andrea Carag, Pediatrician of Solo Moms PH; and Dr. Nicole Tangco, resident psychiatrist of the NCMH.

It’s okay to be not okay

One of the key learnings shared by Louise and the other panelists was“It’s okay to be not okay”. With the current problems that moms are facing today, everyone in the panel agreed that mothers are not alone and they should talk about their problems with their husbands, kids and with family and friends. It’s also important to find support groups or “Find your tribe” as coined by Ms. Jolina via online chat groups, community pages or social media groups such Mommy Talk PH, The Parenting Collective or Solo Moms PH.

In a poll conducted by Big Ideas, the top 5 main concerns from moms were the following:

  1. Staying safe from Covid-19
  2. Child concerns such as education, etc.
  3. Health Concerns
  4. Budgeting and Money
  5. Fear and Anxiety

And because of the poll submitted by our social media followers before the event, our main speaker and panelists were able to frame the discussions and answer questions and concerns from fellow moms throughout the webinar in view of audience needs.

A pencil has an eraser because we’re allowed to make mistakes

The quote above, shared by Dr. Nicole was one of the highlights. Dr. Tangco explained that mothers aren’t perfect and it’s alright sometimes to make mistakes and to acknowledge them. For those suffering from anxiety, one of the tips she shared was for them to acknowledge that fact and just talk about it with a confidant or someone you trust – your husband, for example. Just talking about it and communicating with someone is an important first step to feeling better and to recovery.

There were also other tips shared by Louise and our panelists in the webinar on how to cope and make that light “shine brighter”. Some dads also watched and even shared their feedback and appreciation for their wife.

“Stay Strong Moms! Thank you for the speakers and I definitely will be even more vocal about my appreciation for my wife and give her even more time for her me time. Remember, your kids love you fully and unconditionally. They are the full and manifest proof of God’s Love for you and His Perfect Plan for each and every one of us.” shared by Al-Dennis Supetran.

If you want to watch the replay, here’s the full video below (if the embed does not work, please go here):



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