5 Things Facebook Can Buy For 16 Billion Dollars

  • February 25, 2014
  • webteam
  • 1 min read


In light of the recent mega purchase of Mark Z and Facebook of Whatsapp for 16 BIG ONES, here’s what Facebook could’ve used the money for if the deal didn’t push thru…

1. The Navy’s $13B newest aircraft carrier, the Gerald Ford – After that, Facebook will still have $3B left in change. Hey, you can use the money for fuel, supplies and the crew salaries, yes?

2. 16 Nuclear Class Submarines – Need I say more?


3. The GDP of Jamaica – and once done, you can have Usain Bolt run errands for you.


4. 66 Formula 1 Cars, their drivers and the entire crew!


5. 24 Burj Al Arabs


That’s an awful LOT of money!!!

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