5 Ways To Get Your Facebook Ads Working For You

  • December 9, 2013
  • webteam
  • 3 min read


There are a ton of articles, books and blogs about Digital Marketing – specifically Facebook Ads. You can try to immerse yourself with so much information and still get Facebook marketing wrong. For me, nothing beats experience, trial and error and learning from my own mistakes.

Here are few tips on how to optimize your Facebook ads:

  1. Know your target – both BROAD and TOO SPECIFIC targeting won’t work. Try to drill down the demographics; be they gender, age or even location. You can also choose a few keywords in the “Interest” area of the ad. Once you have a set of targets, you can now experiment with different ad sets for each group
  2. Have different ads – Facebook allows for different ads to be seen. There’s newsfeed ads (on the wall), the traditional “right hand side” ads and even “sponsored stories” or “promoting specific posts” You can have around 6 versions of an ad under your campaign and your daily or lifetime budget will not change. Capitalize on this! This is key
  3. Experiment with different Ad images and copy – You should have different ads and copy for your different targets or demographics. A couple of days (or a week max) and you will be able to see which ones work and are more engaging.
  4. Kill the others – Those that do not perform? Pause or kill them! Let the ads with the best metrics and the demographics/targets that do perform continue. You will see improvements in the metrics from this
  5. Rinse and Repeat – Ads in social media, unlike traditional ones in TV, print or radio, get more stale faster. Make sure that you come up with new and witty collats, assets and copy regularly.

The key to this is constant monitoring, tweaking and optimizing.

You won’t get awesome results overnight. But regular growth and improvement – until you hit your sweet spot, will guarantee to give significant gains for your product or brand.

Back in HQ, you should be asking the other members of your product./brand team (or your clients) if there are significant gains in conversion, sales or usage of the brand because of the increase in Facebook ad metrics.

Improving your skills (and your ads) and how you handle them will be key.

I hope this helps.

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