Reyno, Tiu, Domingo & Santos Law Firm

Reyno, Tiu, Domingo & Santos Law Firm

Digital Marketing and Social Media management for Reyno, Tiu, Domingo & Santos Law Office for the Export Bank Philippines Rehabilitation plan

In May 2013, Export Industry Bank’s uninsured depositors representing at least 80% of the bank’s uninsured deposits unanimously agreed to pursue a rehabilitation plan with a strategic third party investor.

The EIB rehabilitation coalition is the only way forward and empowers uninsured depositors with the path to save their deposits from being lost forever.

The coalition’s rehabilitation plan will transform depositors into shareholders of the new bank. As shareholders, they will stand to materially benefit as the bank grows and becomes more profitable. Also as shareholders they’ll have the rights and power to have a say that the bank is prudently and profitably managed.

Big Ideas was contracted to help spread awareness and get more people to join the coalition via Social Media, Search and Advertising.

Some of the noteworthy achievements included:

  • A growth of more than +2,000% increase in fans
  • More than +500% increase in engagement
  • Significant clicks via direct Google Search and lowered CPC

This translated to a lot of inquiries and positive feedback for the program.

You can check the EIB Rehabilitation Facebook Page here.