BIR Ad Enrages Doctors and Netizens


A recent newspaper ad (above) placed by the BIR depicting a school teacher being “burdened” by a doctor has incited the rage of the local Internet scene.

The ad, which supposedly depicts teacher as honest taxpayers and doctors and dishonest and tax evaders, leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Whoever commissioned, designed, proposed and approved of this ad shouldn’t be dared to be called a marketing or communications professional. In my honest opinion, it is UNFAIR AND UNJUST to stereo-type any profession as being dishonest. IT IS SIMPLY IMMORAL AND WRONG.

I guess the BIR and the government should take a second look at the advertising agencies they commission or hire.

In light of this, the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) have declared their disgust over the print ad

“The medical profession will never be a burden to this country. Doctors were trained and duty bound to render a very noble service to our beloved countrymen. This involves protecting their health and saving their very lives.”

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